How To Generate Leads?

Shreyas Desai

Digital Marketing Specialist (SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, PPC). For Marketing Infographics check


  1. Hello
    How much does it cost to be a broker at your website? Or do you sell cpa traffic?

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  2. how can i generate sales for my new cleaning business?

    1. Hi Hillary Vihembo Kivisi,
      With the help of digital marketing you can able to generate leads. By increasing brand awareness and traffic to your website we can generate leads and then sales of business. SEO, SMO, LinkedIn, facebook are the best platforms for lead generation with low cost investment. Google Adwords like PPC, display ads will also ensure good ROI. If you are start up business I would suggest go with SEO and SMO.
      Do not hesitate to reach me for more information.

      Srisailam Raj

  3. I appreciate this infographic designer & author for your great presentation.

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